Going Green

...and getting greener each day

Working to Preserve our Harbor, our Islands, and our Critters...

We are privileged to live, work and cruise in a beautiful corner of the world and know that we need to do what we can to preserve the beauty of our surroundings and promote its health. To that end we continually evaluate our footprint and work towards minimizing our impact on the environment and that of our boats.  Here are a few of the changes we've made over the past several years:


  1. We encourage our employees to walk or bike to work by providing a bonus for each human-powered commute they make.
  2. Where ever possible we've chosen to e-mail and e-file rather than print, to reduce our paper consumption.
  3. We've replaced 2 printers, a fax and a copier with one Energy Star unit to reduce our overall electricity consumption.
  4. We switch our light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs in the summer, when we don't need the extra illumination.
  5. We've replaced the garbage can at each desk with recycle bins for paper/glass/cans.
  6. Where available we've begun printing our brochures on recycled paper.

Boat Cleaning:

  1. Our boat cleaners clean your boat's exterior with biodegradable, low-surfactant boat soap (West Marine Pure Oceans) and scuff remover (Clean-N-Green On & Gone Stain Remover).
  2. Where needed our boat cleaners use an environmentally friendly, biodegradable salt rinse (Salt Away).
  3. Our boat cleaners clean the inside of your boat with non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable products (Shaklee Basic H window cleaner, Shaklee Basic Aall-purpose cleaner, Shaklee Basic H degreaser, Shaklee Basic Ggermicide).
  4. Our boat cleaners now use washable rags and chamois to clean your boat wherever possible.
  5. Rather than toxic holding tank treatment chemicals the holding tanks are treated each week with formalin-free and solvent-free Zaal NoFlex Digestor.

Boat Stocking:

  1. We now stock our boats with only biodegradable garbage bags (Bio Bag).
  2. The water from your boat's sinks goes directly into the sea so we make sure your boat is stocked with environmentally friendly, biodegradable dish soap and hand soap.
  3. You are certainly not required to clean your boat while you are on vacation, but in case you would like to we stocked your boat with environmentally friendly and biodegradable boat soap and cleaning supplies (Shaklee Basic H window cleaner, Shaklee Basic H all-purpose cleaner, Shaklee Basic H degreaser).
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