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Mike Huston, one of our talented instructors, has a hobby as a writer on the side! He is an instructor for both the American Sailing Association and the Recreational Power Boat Association, a United States Coast Guard captain, and an owner of one of the sailboats in our fleet. He is also the founder and owner of a programing company, recently retired, with plans for an extended cruise to Alaska. He has written over 30 articles for 49 North, on topics wide ranging in the marine industry.

  • Sail Trim & Handling
       a. Aug. 2009 – Main Sail Set – The Basics – Reviews the basics of main sail trim, including twist and draft.
       b. Sept 2009 – Jib Set – The Basics – Reviews the basics of jib trim, including twist and draft.
       c. Oct 2009 – Sailing in Strong Winds – Strategies for sailing in a blow, including reducing sail, twist and draft.
       d. June 2011 – To Jibe or Not – A discussion about how and when to jibe safely.
       e. July 2011 – In Mast Furling – Some tips on trimming, reefing and furling an in–mast system.
       f. Nov 2011 – Reefing – A step–by–step review of reefing a standard main sail.
  • Anchoring
       a. Aug 2010 – Anchoring – A discussion on how to anchor securely.
       b. July 2012 – Enhanced Anchoring – This article reviews use of stern ties and stern anchors.
       c. Aug 2012 – Rafting – Some of the dos and don’ts when rafting with other boats.
  • Boat Handling In and Around Docks,
       a. Jan 2010Close Quarters Maneuvering, Part 1 – These three articles review in detail the techniques needed to handle a sailboat around the docks.
       b. Feb 2010Close Quarters Maneuvering, Part 2 – Prop walk, prop wash, speed control and backing are all discussed.
       c. Mar 2010Close Quarters Maneuvering, Part 3 – More complex maneuvers such as spinning in an aisle way.
       d. Apr 2010 – Preparing to Dock – Some tips for setting up a boat for docking.
       e. Mar 2012 – Docking – This article is an overview of docking, including preparation, maneuvering, line handling and communications.
       f. Apr 2012 – Docking Strategies – Tips on how to break the final approach into more manageable steps.
       g. Jan 2013 – Docking in a Tight Space - The slide stop maneuver.
  • Boat Handling Under Sail
       a. May 2010 – Tacking for Two – Some tips on how to tack when there are only two people involved.
       b. Feb 2011 – Steering Under Sail – Ideas on steering a straight course.
       c. Mar 2011 – The Masthead – How to read and and use the masthead.
  • Navigating
       a. July 2010 – Wake Up and Read the Charts – Some basic rules for staying off the rocks.
       b. Oct 2010 – Chart Plotters are Handy But… – Plotters have some really nice features but there are also dangers.
       c. Nov 2010 – Going with the Flow – How to save fuel and time by riding the currents.
       d. Jan 2011 – Set and Drift – Being sure currents do not sweep you into a rock.
       e. Sept 2012 – Buoy Basics – Why are buoys where they are?
  • VHF Radio
       a. July 2009 – Weather Reports on the VHF – A review of how to get weather reports on the radio.
       b. Oct 2011 – Sound Communications – An overview of VHF use here in NW waters. (Please note there is an error in the article, the Seattle traffic channels for the south and north Sound areas are switched)
  • Misc
       a. Sept 2011 – Is Your Propeller Sized Correctly – Some simple test you can do to see if you have the correct propeller.
       b. Jan 2012 – Boat Dimensions – A review of boat dimensions and how to calculate them.

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