Why Use a Broker?

Don't use a broker—if you are selling to your brother or sister-in-law. :-)

Seriously, if you have a friend who knows the boat and nothing going wrong with the boat will jeopardize your friendship, there is no reason to use a broker.

But if you wonder why around 90% of your fellow boaters elect to buy or sell through a broker, here's what they may tell you---


  1. The number one reason is that you get a professional yacht consultant for free. Why? A good broker costs you nothing and saves you a lot. How? The commission is paid by the seller, and a good broker works to protect your interests to assure that you get both the right boat for your needs and budget, and at a fair value. In fact, experienced boat buyers will tell you the most important thing to shop for—before you shop for a boat---is the ideal broker. You can still look at any boats you want, in addition to boats your broker will bring to you to consider, but you know you've got a professional to help you ask the right questions. Getting the right boat at the best price saves both money and time.
  2. Speaking of time, a good broker will not push his/her listings, but will search the region, the country, or in some cases, the world, to find the best boat for you. Good brokers know how to ask the right questions to determine as closely as possible—before survey—the boat's condition, so you know whether or not it is worth your while to take a closer look.
  3. And speaking of the "right boat", you may well have nailed down your ideal dream boat. If so, great! But just possibly, there may be a boat out there that would fit your needs better. A knowledgeable broker will help you define the type of cruising you like to do, show you a variety of types of boats, and help narrow your preferences so you end up with the ideal boat.
  4. Of course, boats vary in quality as well as appearance. A knowledgeable, experienced broker will be able to give you pros and cons on each boat's quality of construction and ideal sailing environment.
  5. All surveyors are not alike. Reputable brokers know who does the best job of evaluating boat quality to protect your interests.
  6. And, of course, a professional yacht broker gets the legalities right…to protect your interests.


  1. A good broker knows how to present your boat accurately and with its "best foot forward."
  2. There's a old, but accurate, saying: Price a boat 10% too high and she'll sell—eventually---for 10% too low. A knowledgeable broker helps you price her fairly, at the right price to sell. Not too low, and not too high.
  3. Our company asks you to engage a top surveyor before you list. Why? So you can discover deficiencies, fix them and present a quality product to the market. It means your buyer has confidence…and your boat will sell faster and for a better price than a boat with a lot of unknowns. Plus, it saves the post-survey haggling that dooms many offers.
  4. A smart broker markets your boat to its prospective buyers. They know not only boats, but they know the market…and how to best reach it.
  5. A professional yacht broker protects the interests of all parties in the transaction. No misunderstandings, no hurt feelings, no angry negotiations.
  6. And, of course, a professional yacht broker gets the legalities right…to protect your interests.
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