Private Instruction

For those who would like private instruction, or would like to arrange their own group (often a family), this option lets you tailor the course to the specific needs of each member of your crew. Private lessons can be done on your own boat, or one of our bareboat charter vessels as part of your bareboat charter. Simply pick your dates and we’ll assist you in selecting an instructor. Here is how it works:

If you are planning for private instruction on a bareboat charter, the first step is to discuss what you’d like to accomplish on your charter. Are you looking to get your Bareboat Cruising (Charter Certification) so that you can return to charter and skipper on your own? Possibly your crew is also looking for training as well. Or, maybe you’d rather have a skipper aboard and just relax and enjoy cruising throughout the islands! All these are options and can be easily tailored to meet your needs. If you are seeking American Sailing Association certification, the same training can be achieved in the private charter that we offer in our scheduled classes, just with your own crew and/or family and friends. Not all onboard need to be trained, since on a private you have the option of everyone or just a few to be involved in the learning process. This is often ideal for families with young children or for those with crew that would rather spend more time ashore or just relaxing on the foredeck!.

Based on what you are looking to accomplish, we’ll then assist you in selecting a boat (we know them inside and out!). The rate for instruction or skippering on one of our charter boats is $275/day. You'll also want to include the instructor/skipper in your provisioning. Our instructors are very adaptable and will naturally take the least favorable sleeping location. We want you and your crew to enjoy our spacious cabins!

Our instructors are all USCG Captains and have their instructor certification through the American Sailing Association. But, beyond this training, what makes our instructors stand apart is their pleasant demeanor, adaptability and way of instructing that makes you not only excited to learn, but at the end of your training you’ll feel confident and secure in your sailing education.

If you would like to use one of our instructors on your own boat, this is also an option. Just call us for further details. The rate for instruction on privately owned boats is $450/day.

Caribbean Learn-n-Cruise: Catamaran or Monohull Spring Guided Flotilla: 10-day Sunshine Coast Spring Guided Flotilla: 21-day Desolation Sound & Princess Louisa Summer Guided Flotilla: 7-day San Juan Islands & Gulf Islands Summer Guided Flotilla: 7-day San Juan Islands & Victoria Late Summer Guided Flotilla: 14-day Victoria, Vancouver, San Juans & Gulf Islands Fall Guided Flotilla: 14-day Desolation Sound
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