What to Pack

Packing List for All Sailing School Courses

Please pack carefully. Be prepared for both cool and warm temperatures and remember that informal clothing is the rule in the islands. Please avoid suitcases by packing your gear in a pliable bag. Everyone will appreciate each other respecting the fact of limited storage space. Suggested items to bring:

  • We provide all bedding (comforter, pillow and linens). You are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag, if you prefer.
  • Personal water bottle.
  • Earplugs (to block out sound at night, if needed).
  • Bath towel, shower flip flops, personal toiletries. Sailing is a bit like “glorified camping” as showers onboard are either “sailor’s showers” – where water is quickly on, soap up, rinse off quickly or sponge baths. There will be opportunities every few days to shower ashore when facilities are available (bring quarters for showers).
  • Fleece top and pants, wind-breaker and shorts. The key is clothing that can be layered or unlayered depending on the weather. polyproplene or capilene long underwear recommended.
  • Bathing suit (there may be a marina stop that will include pool and/or hot tub).
  • Warm socks
  • Warm cap or sun hat – usually depends on time of year.
  • Sunglasses and if applicable reading glasses.
  • Sunscreen and chapstick with SPF.
  • Rain gear (any PVC will do - - it need not be expensive).
  • Soft-soled non-marking shoes - good quality deck shoes are an excellent investment.
  • Textbooks for course.
  • Camera.
  • CDs or iPod for music.
  • 12V car charger for cell phone.
  • Calculator and mechanical pencil with eraser.
  • Wine or beer (allowed after anchor only and is limited to 2 drinks maximum).
  • We provide vest-style Type III PFD’s (personal flotation devices) onboard our boats.
  • US Currency: If you are on our week-long courses, you will have one meal ashore (per week) for which you will be responsible. Docking fees for two nights are paid for by SJS, however, should there be any additional docking (at the choice of all students and the instructor) the fees are split among the students and the instructor. We encourage anchoring for the learning experience. You’ll also want to bring quarters for showers ashore or if you intend to do laundry if you are out for a week-long course.
Caribbean Learn-n-Cruise: Catamaran or Monohull Spring Guided Flotilla: 10-day Sunshine Coast Spring Guided Flotilla: 21-day Desolation Sound & Princess Louisa Summer Guided Flotilla: 7-day San Juan Islands & Gulf Islands Summer Guided Flotilla: 7-day San Juan Islands & Victoria Late Summer Guided Flotilla: 14-day Victoria, Vancouver, San Juans & Gulf Islands Fall Guided Flotilla: 14-day Desolation Sound
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