Cruising Catamaran Weeklong

Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114) with options for Bareboat Cruising/Charter Certification (ASA 104) and Coastal Navigation (ASA 105)

(11am Saturday through 1pm Friday)

On this weeklong cruise you will explore the San Juan Islands on one of our swift, stable, spacious catamarans. You will have the opportunity to achieve both Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114) and Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) certification, as well as complete Bareboat Cruising/Charter Certification (ASA 104) if needed. This course is designed to introduce you to the skills unique to multihull sailing as well as to further develop your navigation, piloting, sailing and yacht-handling skills. You will receive individualized "coaching" tailored to your needs. Topics covered in this course include: multihull sailing and maneuvering, multihull mooring/docking, fog procedures, advanced sail trim, the interpretation of bearings, set and drift, calculating current and leeway, and interpretation of aids to navigation. Basic Coastal Cruising certification or equivalent experience is a prerequisite.

Includes ASA certifications
$1695 Includes food for course, fuel and moorage (budget for one meal ashore).
Prerequisite: Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) certification or comparable experience
Textbooks: ASA 104: Bareboat Cruising Made Easy by American Sailing Association
ASA 114: Cruising Catamarans Made Easy by American Sailing Association
ASA 105: Coastal Navigation by Mike Pyzel
Opt: Annapolis Book of Seamanship by John Rousmaniere

Order directly through ASA/American Sailing Association at 310-822-9557 or at your local bookstore.
Course Dates: February 25 - March 4, 2018 (Caribbean Option)

Please contact us at or 1-800-677-7245 for current course schedule.

Thorough study of the textbooks will prepare you for the course and greatly enhance your learning. We recommend using the curriculum (links below) as guides to streamline your studying and  use in conjunction with the textbooks.

Please arrive at our office at 11 AM on Saturday. Your boat will return to our docks by 1PM the following Friday. Allow yourself two additional hours to unload, debrief and shower when planning your transportation home.

Class size is limited, so please contact us at 1-800-677-7245 or for course availability, to register or if you have additional questions. This is a non-smoking course.

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